If I were the President of the United States, I would change...


We hear endless opinions about politics from adults, but the voices of our youth are often missing.

Let’s change that. Because to have a better future, we must imagine it first, together.


For Youth (Under 18)


Share what you would change as President on social media (#ifiwerethepresident) and discuss your ideas with friends and family. Explore sites like DoSomething.org to organize with other young people to create a better future.


For Adults (Over 18)


Ask a young person in your life what they would change as President and listen to what they have to say. Register to vote and consider running for office to create a better future.


For Educators


If I Were The President has an accompanying K-12 lesson plan that corresponds to National Common Core Standards in Visual Arts, Language Arts, and Social Studies. It grounds this activity in a broader discussion of civic engagement and art as a tool for change in hopes of inspiring youth to go beyond simply saying their dreams to actively improving their schools or wider communities. 


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